hello there. i'm rachel. i like flowers & teapots & flowers in teapots (or disused alcohol bottles) & all manner of other vaguely decorative knick-knacks. & ponies more than is sensible. i'm 23, which is far older than i feel. i'm currently located in the east london outskirts. this here is my blog. it's somewhat of an outlet for loneliness and depression; when i feel like it i update, but many days i don't. it is a collection of photos, art, inspiration, musings, curiosities, anonymous letters, poems & anything that helps me feel a little happier, whatever sort of day it is. i hope you find something here that helps you feel a little happier, too.

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So on Tuesday my therapist said I need to start living more outside my own head. (Or words to that or similar effect).

I tend to agree.

Would welcome (with wide open arms) suggestions for in-the-moment activities that take up all your attention. Mindful activities that are about doing rather than thinking. If you do DBT then things which focus on ‘participate’ & are perhaps particularly ‘one-mindful’.

I have a tendency to get bogged down in the details & the thinking & the judgements upon judgements upon judgements. With everything, but definitely with therapy at the moment. I get pre-occupied with doing things ‘right’ & ‘perfectly’ & in a specific way. Using skills doesn’t have to be at the expense of having fun. Having fun, especially in a grab-your-total-attention-in-the-moment way IS skillful.


Nuff ramble.

I welcome suggestions. However wacky or ‘weird’.

I feel a strange combination of tired & hyperactive. In case you were interested.

I think I might go & dance around my room to some Christina Aguilera from 2002ish. I will close the curtains so no one can see & quietly accept my judgements about myself without getting caught up in them. I think this may be possible when dancing alone like a loon to trashy pop music.

But please - send me suggestions! (:

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 (by nicole tierney.)


(by nicole tierney.)

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Chèvre naine by myri_bonnie on Flickr.


Chèvre naine by myri_bonnie on Flickr.

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My therapist: Have you ever had a migraine? It's awful. The pain is excruciating. It hurts it breath. It hurts to talk. Light hurts. Everything hurts. But if you've never had a migraine you have no idea what the pain is like.
That's what it's like for people without depression. They may get headaches like a person gets sad, but unless you've had a migraine you could never know what it's truly like. Just like depression.

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